Formed in 2001, the Errabundi Musici is a group of talented musicians specialising inMedieval and Renaissance music. Performing in authentic period costumes and playing exact reproductions of early instruments such as flutes, bagpipes, pipes, bombarde and percussions.
The Errabundi Musici have quickly established a reputation for exciting and entertaining concerts since their first performances in historical pageantry, dinners and medieval festivals in Italy and abroad. Their repertoire pairs instrumental pieces with declamations of early poems. The band also performs lively concerts in collaboration with vocal soloists and choirs. With their picturesque instruments they were recruited as extras in a movie on Saint Francis’ life “Chiara e Francesco” broadcasted on the Italian national network Rai in 2007.
On Christmas day 2005 they had already appeared as bagpipers in another successful film “Caterina e le sue figlie” on Canal 5. Each member of the group graduated at the Pergolesi Academy of Music in Fermo and from 2003 to 2005 they earned further qualifications attending international music seminars for Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque music.
Their first CD “Errare Humanum Est” was released in May 2007. You can find the Errabundi Musici at,