Planning a Festival? Want something different? Our music performances present wonderful entertainment and education in a magical setting of music, early musical instruments, history and culture.

Medieval and Renaissance pageantry: from 4 to 5 elements with possibility of an itinerant service through the streets of the village. Instrumental and vocal performances (dances and songs) plus marching in historical parade.

Medieval and Renaissance Banquets: from 4 to 5 elements with instrumental and vocal performances.

Medieval and Renaissance gigs: 5 elements (4 instrumentalists and a vocalist). We perform in castles, fortresses, monasteries, courtyards, churches and theatres). Our performance can be used as a background of music in exhibitions, round tables, conferences, etc., relating to historical periods indicated above.)

Traditional Scottish and Irish music gigs: four elements, with the possibility of indoors or small open spaces gigs and entertainment or itinerant service within parties and events.

Christmas Activities: The group ranges from a minimum of two (a pair of bagpipers) to five elements (a band of bagpipers), itinerant services, both in living cribs or events such as markets and festivals during the Christmas season. See the bagpipers’ link. go to the zampognari’s page

Lecture-concert: from four to five elements. We offer moments of listening and lectures in historical instruments in order to gain an understanding of the many practical and theoretical areas essential to performance of medieval and renaissance music. The project is addressed to schools and any historical-cultural associations. The performance lasts about 1h.

For bookings or for more information, please contact us